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    Skin Care + Yoga

    with Erin Snow


    It is my privilege to assist in your journey to a healthy, joyful existence.

    As a holistic esthetician, yoga instructor, writer and healthy living enthusiast, helping others discover and implement sustainable methods for living their best, most vibrant life is an energizing passion for me. I have a personal mission to share and hold space for people to become empowered to live their very best life.

    Holistic Skin Care

    Allow me to assist in your healthy skin regimen. I use products that are botanically based and systemically safe for your skin and entire body, and I would be honored to partner with you as your holistic esthetician so that you can truly put your best face forward. Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday appointments now available in Harahan, Louisiana. Call (504) 669-3521 or book online. If the day and time you're seeking is unavailable, please reach out, and I will do everything I can to find a time that fits perfectly for us both.



    Copper Vessel Foot Soak Meditation 60 minutes / $75 / party of two $150
    Experience healing bliss with a calming cup of tea and exfoliating scrub followed by a foot soak, guided meditation, and reflexology massage. Aromatic oils, herbs and minerals plus warm water fill a beautiful Egyptian copper basin to create an incredibly soothing and immune-boosting immersion. With more than 200,000 pores and 7,000 nerve endings on the sole of each foot, this relaxing detox experience pairs nicely with a facial or body treatment.



    Scrub *no time added / $15

    Hot Towels *no time added / $10

    Reflexology (customized for your needs) 15 minutes / $15

    Chakra Balancing (with CBD oil) 15 minutes / $15


    4 for $280 / 8 for $540 / 12 for $800
    Move over Vision Boards, there's a new manifestation tool in town. When you're ready to welcome more abundance to your life, profit to your business, or balance to your body, this game-changing technique is ready for you. During a series of weekly, monthly or quarterly Copper Vessel Foot Soak Meditations, we will work together to clarify and concretize your goals. When you embark on this powerful process, I will gift you with a beautiful journal, perfect for capturing intentions and inspiration. Each session includes a complimentary hot towel foot cocoon treatment. Scrubs, customized reflexology, and chakra balancing may be added à la carte.



    Simply Zen 60 minutes / $70

    A deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by a customized masque, hand and arm massage, and finishing touches for supple, glowing skin.


    Zen for Men 60 minutes / $70

    A specialized cleanse, scrub and masque, with invigorating scalp and facial massage invigorates and relaxes simultaneously.


    Microdermabrasion 60 minutes / single $85 / 4 for $297 / 8 for $595 / 12 for $850
    This non-invasive deep exfoliation allows for greater absorption of serums and moisturizers, and leaves your skin smooth and glowing for days. When experienced as a series of monthly treatments, microdermabrasion can lighten post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and melasma, and encourage collagen synthesis to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


    Gua Sha Detox 75 minutes / $90

    The Gua Sha tool moves lymph for detoxification, tones facial muscles, and improves circulation for a healthy glow. Paired with customized masque and massage for hands, arms and feet, this ancient-inspired facial is simply exquisite.


    CBD Healing Facial 75 minutes / $90

    Experience the power of CBD as senses and skin are soothed by anti-inflammatory CBD balm, polish, masque and serum. Massage focus on hands, arms, feet, shoulders and scalp.


    Organic Coconut & Cardamom Hydrating Back Facial 60 minutes / $85

    This deeply relaxing skin-soothing experience treats your back to gentle exfoliation and nourishing hydration, while warm cardamom and uplifting jasmine cocoon your senses. Massage focus on back, neck and scalp.


    Organic Grapefruit & Rosewood Detoxifying Back Facial 60 minutes / $85

    The perfect reset for congested skin, this Dead Sea salt exfoliation with joy-inducing grapefruit stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate trapped toxins. Rosewood powerfully soothes sore muscles. Massage focus on back, neck and scalp.



    Foot Scrub *no time added / $15

    Hot Towels on Feet *no time added / $10

    Foot Reflexology (customized for your needs) 15 minutes / $15

    Chakra Balancing (with CBD oil) 15 minutes / $15



    Brow Wax $15

    Lip, Chin or Sideburn Wax $15

    Brow & Lip Combo Wax $25

    Brow, Lip & Chin Combo Wax $30

    Ear or Nostril Wax $12

    Full Face Wax $40

    Underarm Wax $20

    Back Wax (includes Shoulders) $65

    Chest Wax $65

    Lower Leg Wax $55

    Upper Leg Wax $55

    Full Leg Wax $100

    Lower Arm Wax $40

    Upper Arm Wax $40

    Full Arm Wax $70

    Abdomen Wax $50

  • Yoga

    Since completing Courtney Robinson's Balance Yoga and Wellness (formerly Floating Lotus) yoga teacher training in North Little Rock, Arkansas, in May 2012, I have taught children and adults this ancient and magical method of divine self-care.


    I am available for private, small group, and corporate yoga classes. Please contact me for rates and to chat about how I can best assist you to quiet the "monkey mind," breathe deeply, and find peace amid chaos.


    Join me for yoga sessions in the privacy of your home via Zoom Mondays at 7:30 a.m. CST and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CST.

    Easy Like Sunday Morning:
    Gentle All-Levels Practice

    Sundays | 11 a.m. Online via Zoom

    Like Tea Time, a gentle yoga flow is a nice reset button for your week. An all-levels practice, this pick-me-up session encourages you to tune in and listen to your body, and guides you to respond with mindful movement and compassionate, healing breath.

    Be Not Afraid:
    Christ-Centered Movement & Meditation

    Mondays | 7:30 a.m. Online via Zoom

    All-levels movement and meditation practice that holds space for our connection with Christ. You're encouraged to set up with notebook, pen, candle, essential oils, blanket, pillow and/or any other prop that brings you joy.

  • What People are Saying

    From her facials and waxing to yoga classes and guided meditations, folks far and wide are blissed out and buzzing about Erin's magic touch.

    10/10 Would Recommend

    Beth B.

    "I purchased a gift certificate for my pregnant sister from Erin. Not only was she quick to respond and extremely kind towards me, she also worked with my sister to personalize an experience that was perfect for her physical and skincare needs. My sister had a great time. 10/10 would recommend."

    Earth Angel

    Alissyn H.

    "My services were provided by the Earth Angel, Erin Snow, who is a phenomenal yoga instructor as well as a gifted and highly skilled esthetician. The facial I received was unlike any other skin service I have every experienced...transportative and transforming! I floated away on a cloud of glowing bliss as each amazing step of this facial unfolded. The fresh scents, the soothing, healing cleansers and moisturizers complete an unsurpassed other-worldly experience that left me wanting more, more, more... So, of course, I rescheduled. On the regular! If you are looking to treat yourself (or someone you love very much) to a truly positive, life-changing experience, book your facial or yoga session NOW, y'all! Your soul will thank you!"

    Yoga Style

    Renee R.

    "I really loved Erin’s teaching style and playlist. And her, of course. I am very picky about yoga teachers, too! She is one of 4 yoga teachers that I like and I’ve done yoga all over New Orleans SINCE 1997!!!"







  • Lock in your Zen.

    General wellness tips and tricks that support better living through yoga and holistic skin care await.

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